How to install Log::Log4perl on Strawberry Perl Windows

Strawberry Perl 00199 05

I could not install the Log::Log4perl module successfully using Strawberry Perl on Windows 10.

cpan -f -i -T Log::Log4perl

I found this post on Perl Monks with some help.

Sure you can install it

cpan[2]> force notest Log::Log4perl

cpan -f -i -T Log::Log4perl

$ perldoc cpan |ack "[-][fiT]" -f
Force the specified action, when it normally would have failed.
Use option, -i is not optional for installing a module when you need to
% cpan -f -i Module::Foo
-i Install the specified modules.
-T Do not test modules. Simply install them.
# install modules ( sole -i is optional )
    cpan -i Netscape::Booksmarks Business::ISBN
# force install modules ( must use -i )
    cpan -fi CGI::Minimal URI
Japheth Cleaver added the bits to allow a forced install (-f).


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