Watch MP Voxel 3D Print Online with Polar Cloud

Polar Cloud Printers My first 3D Printer is a white Monoprice MP Voxel. It works very well most of the time, and I have printed many new objects made of PLA and ABS. It is a great starter printer with a fair-sized build platform.

Watching and 3D printing online with Polar Cloud

When I first got it, I could not figure out how to view the camera online. It comes with a built-in camera that I thought would be easy to set up. They changed how this works with the latest firmware (2020). Once my Monoprice Voxel was updated I saw an option for Polar Cloud. Follow these steps to see your camera online:

  1. Update Monoprice Voxel firmware
  2. Connect your Monoprice Voxel 3D printer to your network (Wifi or ethernet cable)
  3. Create an account on Polar Cloud (
  4. Sign in to your Polar Cloud account and click your name in the top right
  5. At the bottom of your profile you will see a PIN.
    • Write this number down. Example "1234"
  6. Go back to your Monoprice MP Voxel and tap Tools and Polar Cloud
    • Enter the Polar Cloud PIN from above
  7. Navigate to the Polar Cloud ( website and look for your printer.
  8. Upload prints and watch them online!
  9. Print something awesome!



"Monoprice, the No. 1 selling 3D printer brand in the world*, today announced its partnership with Polar3D to bring the Polar Cloud to its customers, starting with the MP Voxel 3D Printer. The Polar Cloud allows anyone with a browser the ability to easily create and transform digital models into physical objects, while providing a wide selection of pre-existing 3D models for users to choose from ...

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