How to Slice a 3D Print for MP Voxel with MP FlashPrint

There are a few steps in order to start your first print with your Monoprice MP Voxel.Monoprice Mp Voxel 3d Printer

  1. Download the Monoprice MP FlashPrint software for your Monoprice MP Voxel.
  2. Install the MP FlashPrint software and connect to your MP Voxel.
  3. Load an STL file in MP FlashPrint by pressing CTRL+O and opening your STL file.
    Mp Flashprint Slice Cowdell Labyrinth Giftbox
  4. Click the Print button in the top-middle area of MP Flashprint
    Mp Flashprint Parameters
    • Select the parameters for your print to see your estimated material use and time
      • I want to (Preview, but NOT Print Slice When Done)
      • Material type (PLA)
      • Supports (disable)
      • Raft (none)
      • Resolution (standard) 
    • Click OK
      It will show you the estimated weight and material used.
      Mp Flashprint Estimate
    • Choose a name for your gx file
    • Click Save
  5. Send the file to your machine by clicking the Send GCode button in the top left.

How do I connect MP FlashPrint to my Monoprice MP Voxel?

  1. Make sure your MP Voxel is connected to your network. (Wifi or ethernet cable)
  2. Find your IP address on your MP Voxel
    • Tap Tools, then About to see your IP address (Example:
  3. Open your MP FlashPrint software on your computer
  4. Click Tools
    • Click Machine Information
  5. Enter your MP Voxel IP address (Example: and leave the port at 8899)
    Mp Flashprint Connect Machine
  6. Click Connect
  7. NICE! Your machine is connected and ready to print from your computer.

Where can I download the slicing software for my Monoprice MP Voxel?

At the bottom of the MP Voxel description page you will find all the software needed. 


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