Converting HEIC or HEIF image formats to PNG in the browser

Use JavaScript to Convert HEIC or HEIF image formats to PNG in the browser. It is very easy to set this up using npm or yarn. Clone the repository and follow the instructions in the readme.

HEIC2ANY Github repository

Visit Alex Corvi's HEIC2Any Github repository (

Use this tool to convert HEIC/HEIF image files to JPEG/PNG/GIF in the browser. This tool is specifically for the browser environment, it WILL NOT work in node environment.

Compare HEIF versus HEIC HEIF Versus HEIC

What about HEIC versus HEIF? On the internet, there is a great deal of information about HEIC and HEIF format. Both the terms are used interchangeably and that’s why both the terms appear to be the same for users. There is a difference between HEIF and HEIC.

HEIF is a file format for storing individual images and sequences of the image. 

HEIC file can store both image and video files that is how Lice Photos of iOS devices work. Also, HEIC is a container that holds the HEIF images. That’s the only main difference between HEIC and HEIF file format.



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